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Roku video advertising service from WKMF TV Network is a Pittsburgh TV service for video content creators and businesses of all sizes. Get our video advertising Service!


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WKMF TV Network builds Roku video advertising service for Chamber of Commerce, Businesses, Schools, Churches, and any small businesses wanting to get their video content in front of the 59.2 million USA viewers on Roku. You make the content, and we run it through our Pittsburgh video advertising Service worldwide. It’s a new technology that’s very useful for small businesses that couldn’t afford to use this before—and becoming more and more potent as time goes on.

Pittsburgh Video Advertising Service
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Cordless households could soon surpass the number of cable TV households in the US, according to eMarketer, with cable TV households forecast to fall 4% to 86.5 million homes by the end of this year and projected to drop below 80 million by 2021. By 2021, media estimates that 86 percent of all internet business will be from video. Using video on a TV Channel is why small businesses should be taking advantage of this technology.

Don’t want a company TV Channel? Our Roku Video Advertising Service can place your videos on active Channels we have available. You can also run 30-second ads on all active channels we have. CONTACT US

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Having a Pittsburgh TV Company Channel gives you a powerful medium to produce and distribute video content. It is only going to become more important from here. With more people cutting the cable cord by the day, it gives businesses an excellent opportunity to be on TV as it’s more affordable to do so.

With our new software, you get 50 GB of hosting on your channel for your videos. 50 GB of hosting could give you hours of video space. Get Your Own TV Channel. CLICK HERE

Check out some other posts we have about schools and churches. We can run Live school and church events.

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