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Welcome to WKMF TV Network

Roku TV Channels for Business. I’m the Developer/Producer of WKMF-TV Network. We build On-Demand Roku TV Channels and offer live streaming for businesses to get your live message out to millions of people worldwide. Any company can have a Roku TV channel at great prices to let over 59 million viewers know about your business. Examples: Chamber of Commerce is high, think about how many firms you service. The Chamber can Start the Channel while charging the businesses whatever you want to add their video story about their business on that Roku TV Channel. The council receives all of the income. The Chamber pays us to start the channel at affordable prices. CLICK HERE to get started!

Local Businesses

Local Businesses can add their commercials to our Roku TV Channel to have access to millions of viewers Globally. When people visit a city/town, they will know what is there.


Almost every high school has sports events. Schools have Live games playing but supporters that can’t make the game. The game can be on TV, so they do not miss it.


Coming soon, we will be able to advertise e-commerce sites so you can sell your products on Roku TV Channels Globally. Roku TV is a new and explosive way to market your business at affordable costs.


Advertising will be available for 1000’s of businesses to get their products seen by millions from our active channels. Just CLICK HERE if interested!

Craft TV

This channel is very hot right now! I’m looking for advertisers, like craft supply stores or something to do with craft supplies. If anyone would like to advertise about crafts on this TV Channel, just contact us CLICK HERE

I just received information that Roku stock is up 187% since January. That’s a clear signal that streaming TV is coming fast.

We Get You On TV

If you’re interested in starting your own Roku TV channel, CLICK HERE to get started. All you need is the name you want your Roku TV Channel to be and videos to load to channels.

Here’s something to remember! Streaming TV channels are like the .com period. Once someone picks a name it’s theirs. So if you want to secure a name for a channel, now is the time to do it. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Once you get on to the sales page, pick whatever package you want to use to build your TV Channel. CLICK HERE

Then, send your MP4 video link or YouTube URL. Send Here

If you have any questions click the this button.

CLICK HERE to get started building your TV Channel!

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