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Chamber of Commerce on TV. This is a great way to help your local small businesses. With the tough times placed on us this is the best time to help your members get exposure and sales for their business.

We at WKMF-TV Network develop and produce TV Channels on Roku to get business exposure for the chamber of commerce members from the 59.2 million users on Roku TV.

The chamber of commerce can earn some revenue helping their members get the TV exposure they need.

chamber of commerce

Have you offered your members the chance to be on TV benefiting their business. We provide Live Streaming with a better service and price than anyone in the industry! CLICK HERE

The process is quite simple. The chamber gets their members to make a video about their business. Like a regular TV commercial. Make sure they put their contact info on the video. The length of the video can be no longer than 7 minutes. We suggest you charge the businesses $100 a month, it renews every 30 days. You collect the money from the members.

You get a TV Channel with 50 GB of hosting for a price better than anyone can offer! Mainly, giving your members the exposure and sales they need.

Then your members get business exposure that they can afford. These businesses desperately want and need their products to be seen, they deserve it.

This is the perfect time for them to save some money and benefit their business.

I know for a fact that everyone has a High School or church in there city that can benefit Live Streaming. There is something we can work out to get them on TV.

And there has to be businesses in your area that will benefit from this business exposure.

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