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Pittsburgh, Advertise a commercial video about your business on this TV Channel, “Pittsburgh Businesses CITY” at a 75% Discount. The advertising channel is for companies in the City of Pittsburgh or Companies that are selling in Pittsburgh. Imagine all the people that visit our local area, and they wonder whats here. Even the people that live in this city don’t know everything that’s here. ┬áThere’s no searching or hopefully, run into a commercial on a Traditional TV channel to find what you need. Everything will be in one place on this TV channel for 30 days, not 30 seconds, and it’s affordable for all businesses. So, your chances of being seen are tremendous compared to placing commercials on Traditional TV. And Thousands of Dollars Cheaper! We can do this for Any City!

Maybe you noticed or you didn’t but we’re giving businesses the opportunity for you to place a commercial at a very low price. With the Corona Virus not going away, businesses could use some help.

Pittsburgh Businesses
Pittsburgh Businesses

pittsburgh focus

We are focusing on Pittsburgh Companies advertising on a much-needed, low-cost advertising channel to help you save money, Get maximum exposure, Gain more customers/clients/patients, and make more sales.

OTT is the future of TV! 86% of all business will come from video. Sure its a new market but becoming the Market everyone is going to. Think about it; millions of people are cutting their cable every day. They do not even see your ads on Traditional TV. They can see your companies ads on this TV channel because it’s cheap for you to show them. Imagine everyone seeing your ad every day of the week 24/7, where before you couldn’t even come close to showing them because of financial reasons.

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I’m also going to provide a North, South, East, and West Channel of Pittsburgh, so every business gets to use this in their location. If you want a Channel in different regions like North, South, East, or West, let me know. You can even have a separate company channel with 50 GB of hosting.

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If your company is ready to start advertising with us, Send Video Link Here We will add it to our “Pittsburgh Businesses CITY” TV channel. If you don’t have a video, let us know. We’ll make one for you.


Read about how we can help the Pittsburgh Schools with our on-demand channel creation at https://wkmf-tvnetwork.com/schools

Have any questions? Contact Us or Call us 412-608-2834

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