Your Own Cooking Show On TV

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Your cooking show on WKMF TV Network at affordable rates. We are offering anyone to put their Show on our WKMF TV Network. How many people would love to have a cooking TV Show but can’t afford it? Well, things have changed, you can now afford to have your cooking Show on TV.

It’s never been easier until now to be on TV. You can run your cooking TV channel and let us manage it. Or, You can open an account and do all the work and tech stuff yourself.

Plus, you make all the advertising revenue for yourself opening an account.

You can also place your TV Show on True TV at your selected time. There’s so much more we can do with this software, like subscriptions, pay per view.

The way this will work is you have your TV channel, let us manage it, or you get an account and update it yourself. It will cost you pretty much the same either way. You permit us to maintain it, it will require a little more but saves you time and the headaches of actually working on updating it.

Your cooking show is pretty much just an example. You can do this for any show. As an example, a sports show, a talk show, a craft show, an art show, a clay pottery show. A business is wanting to sell their products like an e-commerce business or Realtor selling properties. The list can go on forever. We will insert videos on a TV Show at affordable rates.

We do podcasting, maybe your into sports and want to do a podcast about your local sports teams and put it on TV but don’t want to film it. We have a way of turning a podcast into a video file, and there’s no filming required.

We have other posts on here about how schools and churches can benefit from this CLICK HERE

Your own cooking show
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