Your Own Cooking Show On TV

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Your cooking show on WKMF TV Network at affordable rates. We are offering anyone to put their Show on our WKMF TV Network. How many people would love to have a cooking TV Show but can’t afford it? Well, things have changed, you can now afford to have your cooking Show on TV.

It’s never been easier until now to be on TV. You can run your cooking TV channel and let us manage it. Or, You can open an account and do all the work and tech stuff yourself.

Plus, you make all the advertising revenue for yourself opening an account.

You can also place your TV Show on True TV at your selected time. There’s so much more we can do with this software, like subscriptions, pay per view.

The way this will work is you have your TV channel, let us manage it, or you get an account and update it yourself. It will cost you pretty much the same either way. You permit us to maintain it, it will require a little more but saves you time and the headaches of actually working on updating it.

Your cooking show is pretty much just an example. You can do this for any show. As an example, a sports show, a talk show, a craft show, an art show, a clay pottery show. A business is wanting to sell their products like an e-commerce business or Realtor selling properties. The list can go on forever. We will insert videos on a TV Show at affordable rates.

We do podcasting, maybe your into sports and want to do a podcast about your local sports teams and put it on TV but don’t want to film it. We have a way of turning a podcast into a video file, and there’s no filming required.

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Your own cooking show
Get On TV

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Pittsburgh Business TV Channel

We Get You On TV

Pittsburgh, Advertise a commercial video about your business on this TV Channel, “Pittsburgh Businesses CITY” at a 75% Discount. The advertising channel is for companies in the City of Pittsburgh or Companies that are selling in Pittsburgh. Imagine all the people that visit our local area, and they wonder whats here. Even the people that live in this city don’t know everything that’s here. ┬áThere’s no searching or hopefully, run into a commercial on a Traditional TV channel to find what you need. Everything will be in one place on this TV channel for 30 days, not 30 seconds, and it’s affordable for all businesses. So, your chances of being seen are tremendous compared to placing commercials on Traditional TV. And Thousands of Dollars Cheaper! We can do this for Any City!

Maybe you noticed or you didn’t but we’re giving businesses the opportunity for you to place a commercial at a very low price. With the Corona Virus not going away, businesses could use some help.

Pittsburgh Businesses
Pittsburgh Businesses

pittsburgh focus

We are focusing on Pittsburgh Companies advertising on a much-needed, low-cost advertising channel to help you save money, Get maximum exposure, Gain more customers/clients/patients, and make more sales.

OTT is the future of TV! 86% of all business will come from video. Sure its a new market but becoming the Market everyone is going to. Think about it; millions of people are cutting their cable every day. They do not even see your ads on Traditional TV. They can see your companies ads on this TV channel because it’s cheap for you to show them. Imagine everyone seeing your ad every day of the week 24/7, where before you couldn’t even come close to showing them because of financial reasons.

Advertise Here

I’m also going to provide a North, South, East, and West Channel of Pittsburgh, so every business gets to use this in their location. If you want a Channel in different regions like North, South, East, or West, let me know. You can even have a separate company channel with 50 GB of hosting.

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If your company is ready to start advertising with us, Send Video Link Here We will add it to our “Pittsburgh Businesses CITY” TV channel. If you don’t have a video, let us know. We’ll make one for you.


Read about how we can help the Pittsburgh Schools with our on-demand channel creation at

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Roku TV Advertising 30 Sec Ads

Roku TV Advertising. OTT is the Future of TV. Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV are called OTT (over the top) and CTV (connected TV). There are millions of viewers on Roku in the U.S. and over 126 million worldwide among the other channel providers.

What that leaves the businesses is a massive place to advertise. We build TV Channels where you can advertise. We set a price not matched anywhere. With holidays always coming, this is the best time to get started. You can lock in your low price now as long as you stay active. Place up to a 30-second video ad on one of my Roku TV Advertising channels. At this $25 monthly price, this is the cheapest you will find anywhere.

We Get You On TV

The future

In the near future, 82 % of businesses will be from video. Roku TV Advertising is all video, so your chances of gaining more people seeing your ad are way above average.

Advertising here is perfect for small businesses who couldn’t afford to advertise on Traditional TV before, now you can advertise on Roku TV Advertising! Any business can afford Roku TV Advertising. You need to get more eyes on your products. It’s all about exposure, and this is the cheapest way to do it.

We have multiple TV Channels ready right now with advertising spots available with thousands of current USA viewers.

You can even get your own TV Channel, sell the advertising, make some money and it pays for your channel. Now it’s Free for you. Just ask us about it Contact Us

The process is simple; just buy an advertising spot by clicking the PayPal button below. Send a 30-second video ad about your business to HERE. We will add it to one of our TV channels.

Just Contact Us with any questions!

If you need help with a video ask in the Contact Form you send!

Chamber of Commerce on TV

Chamber of Commerce on TV. This is a great way to help your local small businesses. With the tough times placed on us this is the best time to help your members get exposure and sales for their business.

We at WKMF-TV Network develop and produce TV Channels on Roku to get business exposure for the chamber of commerce members from the 59.2 million users on Roku TV.

The chamber of commerce can earn some revenue helping their members get the TV exposure they need.

chamber of commerce

Have you offered your members the chance to be on TV benefiting their business. We provide Live Streaming with a better service and price than anyone in the industry! CLICK HERE

The process is quite simple. The chamber gets their members to make a video about their business. Like a regular TV commercial. Make sure they put their contact info on the video. The length of the video can be no longer than 7 minutes. We suggest you charge the businesses $100 a month, it renews every 30 days. You collect the money from the members.

You get a TV Channel with 50 GB of hosting for a price better than anyone can offer! Mainly, giving your members the exposure and sales they need.

Then your members get business exposure that they can afford. These businesses desperately want and need their products to be seen, they deserve it.

This is the perfect time for them to save some money and benefit their business.

I know for a fact that everyone has a High School or church in there city that can benefit Live Streaming. There is something we can work out to get them on TV.

And there has to be businesses in your area that will benefit from this business exposure.

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Positive TV Exposure For Schools & Churches

Positive TV Exposure for Schools

Positive TV exposure for schools. How many parents or grand parents miss a live school event because of work, live out of town and many other reasons. Streaming TV allows you to not miss it. We build Roku TV channels for this reason. Put your school on TV. Just make a video or run the Event Live, like a Football Game, Basketball Game, Volleyball Match, Swim meet, a play or concert, the list goes on. All the school needs is a corporation or company to sponsor them for the year, in return advertise their corporation or company on the channel for the year. The school can also sell advertising spots to bring in income for the school.

We set up the channel. You can manage it yourself or pay us to manage it. You get 50 GB of Hosting for your live streaming or videos with our packages that we can discuss. Go to the main site and click Contact Us or CLICK HERE

Churches need to get their message out! Do Live Streaming masses on your own TV Channel to Facebook and other options. At a better price and service than your paying Now!

Schools need to do online classes! We offer a better price than anyone in the industry to perform your online classes with your own TV Channel Live streaming to Facebook and other options.

I know for a fact that most have a High Schools in there city or area that plays some kind of sports. Offer a Live game on TV and/or FB. There is something we can work out to get them on TV and the school make some money!

Positive TV Exposure for Schools & Churches
Positive TV Exposure for Schools & Churches

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A lot of people don’t want to miss their Sunday mass but sometimes you can’t help it, older people just can’t make it. Some people may be in the hospital or at home sick. Depending on where you live the weather may not be suitable to drive or walk in. Streaming a live mass or church service on a Roku channel may be just what they need.

On Demand or Live Streaming TV is becoming the new way to get your message across without spending thousands of dollars with Traditional TV. The church can also sell advertising spots on the channel to help pay for expenses, which isn’t much. We keep prices low for everyone.

We set up the channel. You can manage it yourself or pay us to manage it. You also get 50 GB of Hosting for your live streaming or videos with our packages that we can discuss. Go to the main site and click Contact Us or CLICK HERE

I know for a fact that everyone has a Church in there city. There is something we can work out to get them on TV.

If interested or have any questions Contact Us

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Roku TV Channels for Business

Welcome to WKMF TV Network

Roku TV Channels for Business. I’m the Developer/Producer of WKMF-TV Network. We build On-Demand Roku TV Channels and offer live streaming for businesses to get your live message out to millions of people worldwide. Any company can have a Roku TV channel at great prices to let over 59 million viewers know about your business. Examples: Chamber of Commerce is high, think about how many firms you service. The Chamber can Start the Channel while charging the businesses whatever you want to add their video story about their business on that Roku TV Channel. The council receives all of the income. The Chamber pays us to start the channel at affordable prices. CLICK HERE to get started!

Local Businesses

Local Businesses can add their commercials to our Roku TV Channel to have access to millions of viewers Globally. When people visit a city/town, they will know what is there.


Almost every high school has sports events. Schools have Live games playing but supporters that can’t make the game. The game can be on TV, so they do not miss it.


Coming soon, we will be able to advertise e-commerce sites so you can sell your products on Roku TV Channels Globally. Roku TV is a new and explosive way to market your business at affordable costs.


Advertising will be available for 1000’s of businesses to get their products seen by millions from our active channels. Just CLICK HERE if interested!

Craft TV

This channel is very hot right now! I’m looking for advertisers, like craft supply stores or something to do with craft supplies. If anyone would like to advertise about crafts on this TV Channel, just contact us CLICK HERE

I just received information that Roku stock is up 187% since January. That’s a clear signal that streaming TV is coming fast.

We Get You On TV

If you’re interested in starting your own Roku TV channel, CLICK HERE to get started. All you need is the name you want your Roku TV Channel to be and videos to load to channels.

Here’s something to remember! Streaming TV channels are like the .com period. Once someone picks a name it’s theirs. So if you want to secure a name for a channel, now is the time to do it. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Once you get on to the sales page, pick whatever package you want to use to build your TV Channel. CLICK HERE

Then, send your MP4 video link or YouTube URL. Send Here

If you have any questions click the this button.

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