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Pittsburgh Take Out & Delivery List is all the Pittsburgh Restaurants, Diners, Pizza Shops, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream anything to do with Food that wants to let people know they are open for Taking Out & Delivery. We created a TV Channel where you can place your Video of your food business for FREE. You can put:

Business Name


Phone Number

on the video!

Pittsburgh Take Out & Delivery
Pittsburgh Take Out & Delivery

The restaurant business has been hit pretty hard, along with some other companies. Doing this Take Out & Delivery gives them a chance to stay open for now. I feel bad for those going through this.

In my opinion, this Corona Virus is going to be around for a while. Look at the cities that tried to fully re-open. They are finding thousands of people who are getting the virus. I realize we are in yellow right now, but I can see us going back to the Red Zone until they find a vaccine. One good thing is the Take Out & Delivery service will be a much-needed service.

The way I have to run this TV Channel is I have 25 categories with 40 videos in each category. The categories will be Italian, American, Irish, German, Pizza Shops, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan, Indian, Etc. Depending on how many businesses join I may have to double up on some categories.

We will randomize each category every day to give every company a chance to be upfront in the video listings.

The name of the Roku TV Channel is “Pittsburgh Restaurants”.

If your making a video with your phone hold the phone sideways to avoid the black lines on the sides of the video.

If you need us to make you a video, let us know!

The AD Is FREE To Post for Restaurants, Bars, Pizza Shops, Diners Anything With Food Takeout & Delivery.

Send your video to http://wkmftv.com/contact-us and I will place it on our Roku TV Channel ” Pittsburgh Restaurants ” For FREE.

Send your video URL to: http://wkmftv.com/contact-us

If you don’t have a video we can make you one!

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If you want a featured ad, with images and any length. It will cost $50 per month.

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