Used Cars For Sale Pittsburgh

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Used cars for sale Pittsburgh. Sell your car on TV with video. The costs are $15 per 30 days. We will add your video to our Roku TV Channel, where it will be available to millions. The video of your used car will stay on the channel ” Used Cars For Sale Pittsburgh ” for 30 days. When you don’t want to run your add any longer, just click on Unsubscribe in your PayPal account.

Used Cars Fir Sale Pittsburgh
Used Cars For Sale

To make a video of your used car, just use all your pictures of the used car and make a video. Add whatever price you want in the video with contact info. DO NOT add any URLs to the video.

The process is simple, just make a video of your used car, click the PayPal link below to subscribe, and pay the $15, then click this link to fill out the Video Ad Form. When done filling out the form, click submit at the bottom of the Ad Form.

If you need us to make a video for you, just let us know. We can make you one for $40. All you do is send us the images of the used car you want in the video to the email below. The rest of the info I’ll get from the form. We will build the video for you.

The name of the Roku TV Channel is “Used Cars For Sale Pittsburgh”.

We can make a TV Channel for Any City, just let us know.

If you have any questions email us at or Call us at 412-608-2834