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We get your business on TV to help sell your services and products.

Covid-19 is a terrible time for a business that depends on people coming to their business, but you can bring your business to them.

Yoga or Gym

For instance, a daily Gym workout or Yoga class, there are a few options with this. You could run exercise classes on our TV channel. CONTACT US

You could run a live streaming subscription-based Gym, or Yoga class at your business. We build you a TV channel covering the whole world if you want at affordable prices.


I seen that veterinarians are live streaming to help people with their pets.

The world has become a whole new way to live, eat, play, and do business. The virus is not ending very soon, either. With almost all companies closed because of the Coronavirus, we want to help companies to stay open, earn an income.

Health and exercise are a huge part of people’s lives. It’s challenging to stay in physical shape without the gym’s or yoga being open. There’s a lot of things people miss, but exercising is a huge one.

We get you your business on TV. Grabbing maximum exposure, attracting more customers, and earning more revenue!

Exercise classes on TV
Get On TV

Getting Started

You have two fantastic choices with our company, either get a company TV Channel. Offer monthly subscriptions to students for Live or taped classes. Sell all the advertising opportunities and earn income. Or Use our TV Channels for advertising your companies functions at a low price.

In my opinion, I would get a company channel. It may cost a little more, but in the long run, it would be beneficial for your company. With the subscriptions and sales of advertisements, you won’t lose. And it’s not expensive to get a company channel. A starter package comes with 50GB of hosting.

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